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Singlewell Primary School


Computing has become a major aspect of learning and education with the impact and benefits of computing systems permeating many areas of daily life.

At Singlewell Primary School, we aim to develop ‘thinkers of the future’ through a modern, ambitious and relevant education of computing. We aim to provide the children with the skills they need to navigate the wider computing curriculum, as well as the knowledge they need to be resilient and adapt to new technology.

Being safe is the primary concern when using computing systems and we will ensure that all children will have the necessary knowledge and experience to navigate through the digital world safely and productively. We aim to instil a sense of curiosity and fun when using computing systems, where problem solving becomes enjoyable and engaging. Our curriculum coverage also instils a sense of responsibility for being equal and productive when acting online and we aim to link the many aspects of computer usage with real day to day life.

The computing curriculum at Singlewell Primary School provides a strong, secure platform of learning for the children to advance long into their academic and personal futures, incorporating aspects of computer programming as well as the tools they will need to traverse and utilise the internet for inspiration and wider learning.