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Singlewell Primary School

Curriculum Intent


Singlewell CARES about being Curious, Ambitious, Resilient, Equal and Safe. Our children love learning and our shared values are a driving force in our curriculum design as well as being embedded within the heart of our school. Our core set of values promote right from wrong and help shape the mindsets and behaviour of future adults.

The acquisition of cultural capital will develop each pupil’s understanding of the world around them. This is an accumulation of knowledge, behaviours and skills that a child can draw upon and which demonstrates their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence.

It is one of the key ingredients to be successful in society, their career and the world of work.

Our curriculum is carefully designed with the Intent of enabling curiousambitious, resilient learners in a safe and equal environment.

Our curriculum intent:

  • Ensures that all pupils have access to an ambitious broad, balanced curriculum for excellence based on the National Curriculum.
  • Ensures quality curriculum content of each subject is sequential and builds on prior learning.
  • Is relevant to each child in the school, regardless of their age, gender, individual circumstances or academic ability.
  • Has fluidity to ensure that children with additional needs may access the curriculum in different and often very practical ways, whilst also ensuring that those children who attain ‘greater depth’ standards are challenged, inspired and have a thirst for knowledge.

The Implementation of our broad and balanced curriculum is carefully planned and tailored to suit the needs of our children. You can find our sequence of learning in our LONG TERM PLANNING on the curriculum section of our website. Key learning objectives are planned successively to build on prior knowledge and this overview of all year groups can be found within our PROGRESSION DOCUMENTS.

The systematic and rigorous teaching of Reading is given priority as a key portal to accessing the whole curriculum and developing the fluency and pleasure that reading confidently brings. Our aim is for pupils to feel more confident to apply their mathematical knowledge, concepts and procedures and to explain their reasoning in a secure learning environment.

The Impact of our teaching and learning is continually evaluated by all staff including Subject Leaders, Teachers and Governors. Pupil progress is regularly checked, adaptations to the curriculum and teaching is adjusted to support/challenge wherever required.