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Singlewell Primary School

Design & Technology​​​​​​​

Singlewell Primary School cares about children enhancing their Design and Technology skills. As a school, we believe in providing equal opportunities for all to access an inspiring, challenging and practical subject which prepares children to contribute to the development of our rapidly changing world.

Throughout EYFS, KS1 and KS2, children are encouraged to become resilient and creative thinkers, problem-solvers and potential innovators. Children use creativity, imagination, experience and research to design, make and evaluate products that tackle relevant social and environmental problems for today’s society. Singlewell children will become more ambitious through developing technical and practical expertise.

The children are encouraged to experiment with a range of tools, materials, processes and techniques, in a safe manner whilst being curious in the areas of construction, mechanisms and food and nutrition. In addition, children will be expected to build their understanding of a product’s purpose, aesthetic and function, to test out their ideas and to critique and evaluate the work of others. Collaborative work in Design and Technology helps to foster mutual respect for the different perspectives and capabilities of peers and helps develop children’s capacity to communicate, negotiate, persuade and feedback to others.

At Singlewell, Design and Technology is taught through a series of Construction, Mechanisms, Textiles and Cooking and Nutrition units which follow a ‘Design/Make/Evaluate’ structure.  Cross curricular links can be explored within historical and geographical links such as 3D dinosaur sculpture, the Great Fire of London, Tudor houses, designing and making vehicles and pirate ships, exploring textiles and the resilience to make purposeful products including a CAM mechanism.