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Singlewell Primary School


We deeply care about the teaching and learning of Writing at Singlewell Primary School. Thus, we aim to ensure that writing is purposeful and enjoyable through a carefully sequenced, engaging and inclusive curriculum. We acknowledge that spoken language is key for writing and we understand how an embedded reading culture impacts the process. Therefore, through well-chosen, quality texts, pupils learn to develop a strong language for writing. Our inspiring teachers provide opportunities for pupils to immerse in a range of genres to feed their curiosity and to further develop their self-expression through writing. Pupils engage their working memory by linking previous learning whilst providing equal opportunities for them to engage with exciting hooks and new experiences. Here at Singlewell Primary School, our writing process involves thoughtful planning; where pupils capture their ideas and orally rehearse through drama. We engage pupils in debates, discussions and self-reflections, building resilience as we edit to improve before publishing our masterpieces. We support pupils at every stage to develop themselves as ambitious writers. We are confident that as pupils go through their learning journey at our School, they would have thrived, flourished and would have been adequately prepared in a safe and well-stimulating environment ready to transition their writing skills to secondary school.

At Singlewell Primary School, we passionately care about the teaching and learning of Reading. We aim to inspire a deep love for Reading through a broad and balanced curriculum. We understand that for children to become resilient, independent readers with a genuine love for literature, we must deliver an engaging curriculum.

Our Reading curriculum has been carefully planned to spark curiosity enabling our pupils to build on their knowledge, skills and understanding of different texts. This gives our pupils equal opportunities to grow culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually, gaining opportunities and a love of  reading for pleasure.

Here at our school, we believe that having an engaging diet of reading will encourage children to enjoy what they read and build on what they already know. We are proud of the ambitious reading opportunities that we provide children daily, through purposeful reading lessons, a highly structured RWI Phonics programme and a safe reading environment. From EYFS through to the end of Key Stage 2, children embark on an enriched reading journey, full of opportunities to build their fluency progressively. As our pupils approach the transition from primary to secondary, we aim for them to be fully equipped with life-long reading skills.