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Singlewell Primary School


At Singlewell Primary School, we care about the teaching and learning of History. Our aim is to inspire a deeper curiosity for how society has changed over the course of time and to recognise and understand that there are similarities, differences and connections between eras.

Pupils will have the opportunity to learn about the impact that events from the past have had on the modern day with British values threaded through. We would like our pupils to understand and care about how their relatives and friends are linked historically to their local area, country and the world. We follow the National Curriculum and aim to ensure that a high-quality, knowledge rich curriculum is being taught to all, as a chronological narrative from ancient times to the present day. We provide a framework of historical skills for the pupils to draw from which will equip them to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence by sifting through arguments and develop perspective and judgement, ultimately enhancing pupils’ passion and inquisitiveness to know more about the past. This will enable our pupils to build upon their history skills year by year. We aim to instil an ambitious approach to our historical studies and create resilient learners.