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Singlewell Primary School


We are thrilled with our daughter's progress since she started at Singlewell last year.  she has grown in confidence and skill.  Mrs Nash, Miss Ward and Miss Mills have supported her well so that she can access her environment and the curriculum at an appropriate level and build her knowledge.  We are really happy.  The staff, both in the classroom and in the office, are polite, friendly and helpful.  Concerns are dealt with quickly.

S Smit - Year R Parent

My child has achieved beyond our expectations and progressed very well.  Made lots of friends and very happy, contented young boy.  We couldn't be more happier with Singlewell School, they brought out the best in our child.

C Turner (March 2015)

My child has really improved this last year in every aspect of her school life.  She is growing in confidence and really enjoys coming to school.  The way she is taught maths with the Numicon shapes has really helped her and she finds it interesting too.  She really likes Miss Kanagalingam and this has really helped with her learning.

K & J Arundell (March 2015)

I am extremely happy with my child's progress.  Thanks to the support she is receiving she has really improved and is a lot happier in herself.  As always I am extremely happy with the school.  I am so glad I decided to place my children here.  Thank you for all your hard work and support.

Personally I think this is a fantastic school, well run and consider myself very lucky to be in the catchment area!  Both my children have benefitted greatly!  Thank you Singlewell School. 

Mr P Stratford (Year 4 Parent)

The school has a wonderful atmosphere which results in an engaging learning environment.  The staff are focussed, supportive and enthusiastic and this in turn is reciprocated by the willingness of the children to learn.  In conclusion Singlewell is providing an exceptional grounding for the academic careers of our children.

Year 4 Parent

I am very glad my children attend this school, it is a family school for us; all three of them are doing well, happy and progressive.  Singlewell Primary School's teachers and most especially Mrs Brown and Mrs Maxwell have been very supportive and caring, the moral standards of the school is very helpful.  Thank you.

Mrs Adeola